Privacy Guard Glue (PGG)

Development Stalled / Unsupported

Please note: Development heavily outdated! I even don't know, if this library works with current GnuPG releases!
Is anyone using this library?


Privacy Guard Glue is a well designed library written in C to add GnuPG support to applications. PGG uses GnuPG with its coprocessing interface as the workhorse.

PGG is free software and protected by the Gnu General Public License.



PGG is currently under development. At this time it is incomplete and maybe their are some bugs (hopefully not). PGG is still alpha software. The interface including but not limited to, functions names, data structures and semantics of functions could change without notice. Different snapshots are not expected to be compatible with each other.


You can download the latest public available snapshot from this website (press the shift-key while you click on the filename) or with a small delay via anonymous FTP from

You need GnuPG 1.0.x or the latest CVS version.

Request for comments

I'm interested in all sort of comments about this library. Please feel free to send questions, suggestions, features requests and bug reports about PGG to Michael Roth <>.

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