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Please note: This Page ist heavily outdated! I have some patches that should be applied. Maybe there is some more work required?
If somebody is interested maintaining and developing this tool, please drop me a note!


Pgpgpg is a wrapper around Gnu Privacy Guard which takes PGP 2.6 command line options, translate them and then call GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) to perform the desired action.
PGP and GnuPG are encryption programs with high security encryption engines. However, PGP is available without a fee but is not really free software. GnuPG on the other hand is really free software and have additionally features but have a different command line syntax then PGP.
The goal of pgpgpg is to plug in a command line syntax in front of GnuPG equal to PGP 2.6. With pgpgpg most scripts and applications written to use PGP 2.6 should normally work with GnuPG too. By using pgpgpg these applications also benefits from the fact that GnuPG doesn't use the patented and non free RSA nor IDEA algorithm.

Pgpgpg is free software and protected by the Gnu General Public License.


Pgpgpg Version 0.13 released on 1999-06-06

This release fixes a couple of bugs on creating and verifying detached signatures. This release should be fully useable with XFMail (XFMail will not block anymore). Furthermore, this release should compile and work without any problems under OS/2 + EMX.

You could also take a look at the NEWS or ChanceLog files for a detailed list of news and changes.


All applications which try to parse the output of PGP 2.6 especially the output of keyring listings will not work very well with the current pgpgpg release.
However, all applications which just fires PGP to encrypt, sign or decrypt should work very well with pgpgpg.

Future plans

I'm currently working on an entire new GnuPG abstraction layer because just translating the command line options will not work in all situations. With this layer it should be possible to simulate everything of PGP 2.6 behavior and create a real PGP 2.6 clone which uses GnuPG.


Pgpgpg is available in source code as a gziped tar archive including documentation and a configure script for building pgpgpg. Pgpgpg compiles and runs on all systems on which GnuPG runs. Their are also a source RPM and a precompiled i386 binary RPM available provided by Fabio Coatti.

Please press the shift-key while you click on the filenames because this webserver is a little bit broken and I don't have access to the webserver configuration.

Latest release:

Older release:

To run pgpgpg you need GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard). To find out more about GnuPG, please take look at the GNU Privacy Guard Homepage.


Please feel free to send questions, suggestions, features requests and bug reports about pgpgpg to Michael Roth <>.

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